Web Design

Your business website operates all the time even when you’re not working. From defining your visitors to visualising the looks of your website and turning your visitors into leads and patrons, we are here to help you with our website design courses. Check below for our various web design services.

Website Discovery Session

Like every one of our website design campaigns, the first step is to have a Web Discovery Session. Through this, we will know what are your website’s objectives, target visitors, activities you desire your visitors to make, and other essential things.

We need your full cooperation in order for our strategies to work. Undergoing Discovery Session will provide us insights on how your business works so we can help give it a head start.

Wireframing and Web Designing

After that, we will then start wireframing your site and user flow. With wireframing, we can have everyone concentrate on the function and usage of the site instead of the form.

Next, we will then inform you of our ideas and start designing your website. Phage Design designs, delivers, and iterates as your website project advances. We then present you various options to look into and choose from.

Website Creation

Lastly, we’ll work on coding to make your website according to the path you’ve picked. It will be created on WordPress so you can modify and customise your website. Once it is completed, Phage Design will give you a training course so you can learn how to manage your website on your own.