Tips to Help You Utilize The Windows Remote Desktop Control Features

Windows Remote Desktop Control

Your Windows computer offers a lot of features to make computing easier and user-friendly. Remote desktop feature is one of the features that would be extremely useful and exciting So we recommend you to Buy RDP. Using this feature you can easily connect to computers placed at different locations. Connecting to other computers and getting access to their desktop is a great feature and allows you to perform actions on the computer that you cannot access physically.

By using this feature you get to access the remote computer. You get to do a lot of operations and actions on the remote computer that makes you feel like as if you are actually running and handling the computer. The moment you access the remote computer it automatically gets logged-off. A message saying that it is in use by some other computer via remote desktop control appears.

The first change of command that occurs after you successfully access the remote computer by using the remote desktop feature is the control over mouse and keyboard of the remote computer. It is exciting to learn about it as you can easily access your home computer using this facility in case you require some data or files stored on your home computer. Before you could do these things and exploit benefits of remote desktop connection, you should know how to setup a remote desktop connection.

Below mentioned are the steps that you need to take while setting up remote desktop connection:

The first and foremost requirement of remote desktop connection is that both the computer should be connected through the LAN (wired or wireless). If you are using computer running on the latest Windows OS like Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can connect both the computers via a direct LAN cable or direct wireless LAN and establish the remote desktop connection.

Before you start connecting both the computers, ensure that they are running on either of the below mentioned operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (Ultimate or Professional)
  • Windows vista (Ultimate or Enterprise)
  • Windows XP Professional.

The next requirement to connect the two computers is to have the administrator rights of the computer which you want to connect. You can’t connect the computers without taking the user’s permission. This arrangement has been made to prevent the misuse of this feature. However, you don’t require additional software to use this feature as this has been installed with the above mentioned versions of the Windows operating systems.

How to enable remote desktop feature on your computer?

The first requirement for connecting two computers using the remote desktop feature is about giving permission to others to use your computer. Once the permission to use the computer has been obtained you need to perform certain steps.

Below mentioned are the steps you need to follow to enable remote desktop feature on your computer:

  • First of all press the ‘Windows’ key
  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Scroll down to ‘Properties’ and click it
  • Now click on ‘Remote settings’
  • Here you need to allow the connection for computer running on Windows
  • Finally click on ‘Apply’ to change the settings.

How to open a connection?

Below mentioned are the steps to open the remote desktop connection program:

Navigate to the path — Start menu >> All programs >> Accessories >> Remote desktop connection

You can also open the connection program by clicking on windows button and then typing ‘Remote’ and finally pressing ‘Enter’ if you are using Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers.

Typing in the IP address of the remote computer in the provided text box is the final step to complete this process. Then you will be prompted to give the username and password that provide you the full control over the remote computer.

Using the tips mentioned above you can conveniently use this Windows feature to connect to a remote computer and use the data or files stored therein. This is especially useful when you are not in a situation to physically access the remotely located system.

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