How to Delete Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook allows members to share their photos, videos, and music files in a convenient manner. Once you upload the images and post these on your wall, the same will be shared with all your friends, associates and family members listed as part of your Facebook contact list. You have options to upload images individually as well as in groups. It is popular platform and if your content is decent, you dont need to buy something like I used to Buy TikTok Likes. It is a normal practice among users to upload a number of interrelated photographs under a single album. For instance, if you are sharing a number of snaps taken during a marriage ceremony, you can create a photo album with a appropriate title and add the images to the particular album on Facebook. Similar to the options to create new albums, the social networking websites also offers a set of convenient option to edit and delete the existing albums. You can add new images to an existing photo album along with deleting and removing the album from your Facebook profile. It can be noted that Facebook uses the upload date as the default title of an album and combines the individual images uploaded on a particular date. You can click on the specific image from your Facebook and delete the same through the editing procedure supported by Facebook.


Log in to Facebook by using your login credentials. You will be taken to the Facebook home page and see your wall. Click on the Profile link appearing on top right corner of the screen.

Now you can see your profile page. Click on the Photos link appearing at the right hand side of the screen. You can see the individual images uploaded by you along with the photo albums created by you earlier with a set of related photographs.

Click on the particular album that you want to remove. You will be taken to the album page, where you can see the individual images forming part of the album along with other information related to the album.

Click on the Edit Album link appearing on top of the page. You can now see a pop up window displaying you various details of the album, including its name, location, description and privacy settings. Click on the Delete Album link appearing below the form.

You will be shown with a confirmation dialog box asking you to confirm, whether you want to delete the particular album. Click on the Delete Album button to delete the album and remove the same from your Facebook profile.

You will be automatically redirected to the albums page. On the page, you can see your other albums remained after the removal and deletion of the particular album. If you want to delete multiple photo albums, you can click on the other album and repeat the earlier mentioned steps.

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