A Beginner’s Guide to Impressive Display Ad Designing

Display Ad Designing

The effectiveness of your business ad and quality of digital advertising screens are the keys factors that will determine whether you’re business will succeed, or roll down the hill. Scrolling through the web we are already bombarded with millions of business advertisements promoting all kinds of products and events to which all have one single goal: to catch your attention.

Designing your display advertisement is one of the many things you must give utmost effort to if you don’t want to be overshadowed by other ads all over the industry which makes it possibly the most critical one yet.

Thus, to help you catch attention on the digital advertising screens, we are going to maneuver you over some basic but highly effective ad designing tips that will make your ads pop out from the rest.

Top 3 Essentials in Display Ad Designing

Establish Identity with a Company Logo. You have to make sure that your company has a unique, recognizable, and memorable logo that your potential customers will remember. Stray away from complicated and common designs. You may make use of elements related to the product you are endorsing in order to eliminate the need to add text and keep the design minimalistic.

The Unique Selling Proposition. Highlight your company’s feature that makes it stand out from the rest. It can be about low pricing, an unseen before product feature, or the outstanding customer service to encourage potential customers to patronize the company.

The Call-to-Action. Having a call-to-action realizes the ultimate purpose of your display ad, which is to convince audiences to buy your product or service. A call-to-action button or a simple statement of what should be done would best do the trick.

Vital Concepts of Visual Design

Precise Color Choice and Font design. The simpler the font style, the striking it is. Better readability is better than the aesthetic of tacky font designs. Send a visually appealing message by using a contrast between thick and thin font styles to emphasize certain phrases.

Also, You would need to be meticulous in choosing the right color scheme that matches the overall vibe of your company and its purpose. For example, greyscale would probably not match a company that sells baby clothing, nor would neon colors be appropriate for a massage service company. It is best to choose a suitable color that portrays the appropriate mood of the display overall.

Here is a guide:

Minimalism. Don’t cram everything into one ad. Pick your best phrases and use as little space as you can. This will direct the audience’s attention only to the important details and relieve them of the visual stress that comes with overcrowded ads.

Use Self-Explanatory Images. Not all ads would fit images, however, if you’re able to work on a display ad big enough to insert an image, then make sure to use this to your advantage. Make sure to use straightforward and original photos to avoid copyright issues. If you’re selling cupcakes then don’t have your potential buyers guess what you’re selling by just putting an oven icon on your ad, be direct.

You have everything set, now all you will have to do are two things: Focus and Explore.

Remember that constantly comparing yourself with other companies on digital advertising screens will not make you climb up the ladder of success, so keep yourself focused on your own goals and take one step at a time. Never compare your day one to another company’s day 268.

Finally, explore your options especially when it comes to ad sizes, and pick the one that you deem best for your company. Just because a particular scheme and size worked for another company doesn’t mean it will work for you so always test the waters and alter whenever the need arises.

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