5 Effective Instagram Marketing Guides

Instagram Marketing

Ever since Instagram was created, it became a great social media platform when it comes to sharing photographs. Everyone want to have a instagram viewer for their own reasons.

There are almost 1 billion active users, with almost 70 million photos posted every day. Also, there are lots of influencers in this platform who have a huge number of active followers. If you know the right techniques, your profile can become a popular brand too. You have to upload the right content in order to remain relevant to your followers, but at the same time, allow you to gain more. However, there are times when you run out of ideas which kinds of content to upload, so here are 10 effective Instagram Marketing guides that you may follow in order to grow your profile.

Switching to business profile

Before anything else, you should switch to a business profile. Just go to your settings, and then hit ‘Switch to Business Profile’. Here are the benefits of switching to it:

You will have a clickable ‘Contact’ button that customers may press.

You can publish your ads without the need of advertising tools.

You will gain access to analytics and statistics of your posts.

Product Teasers

This platform is the right place on the Internet to showcase your products. If you know what to do, you will prevent fending off users with your advertisements. Uploading a product teaser is a subtle method of marketing your product to make users curious without appearing so desperate in selling the product.


You can also advertise through Instagram Stories, which is similar to Stories in Snapchat. Some users may feel annoyed with product postings in their app’s feeds, so it is better to upload your photos in Instagram Stories. Your business profile’s follower will see your Story at the upper part of the app as a small circular icon that has your profile’s name just under it. When the user taps it, a window will appear that shows the photo or video you just uploaded. It will only last for 24 hours, but you may still re-upload them some other time.

Collaborate with an Endorser

In order to reach more Instagram followers, you may partner up with a popular influencer to endorse your brand. In fact, when users see the product that their followed endorser is using, they will get the urge to buy the product because their favorite influencer promoted it. Also, make sure that the influencer that you are going to hire is also relevant to the product that you are going to promote. If your product is all about makeup, you should choose influencers whose posts are all about to make up tutorials or make up transformations.

Gather Uploaded Photos by Users

Re-uploading the posts of the users that show how good your product is can be the wisest move you can ever do. It is a strong marketing strategy in three effective reasons:

You are simply promoting how excellent your product is.

You are building personal connections with your customers.

You are sharing users’ positive feedbacks from your product.

You may also choose to re-upload those posts to your Instagram Stories like what most popular brands do.


Instagram has a lot of users, and your brand will never go unnoticed as long as you know these effective marketing guides that you can apply to your business profile. Always keep in mind to choose the photos that are ‘Instagrammable’ to catch more attention – and when you finally gain those users’ attention, always be easy to reach by responding fast to their queries.

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