5 Marketing Strategies We Can Learn From Fortnite

Learn From Fortnite

Fortnite and todays item shop ‘s massive growth should be an inspiration for company owners. Even if you don’t have an idea what Fortnite is, you’ve probably heard the name or have seen it on the internet. Fortnite is a famous online game produced by the company Epic games. Its first few weeks of launching was a huge hit that it gained 20 million new users.

The game has two components – Battle Royale and Save the World. It is fun, easy to play, but quite challenging to master. From a gamer perspective, it easy to think of how the game became a phenomenon. However, if there’s another thing we should be curious about the game, it is the marketing behind its success.

So how did Epic Games became huge? Here are some marketing strategies we can learn from the Fortnite.

  1. Free

Everyone loves everything that is free. And Fortnite takes advantage of that. While most high-quality video games are to be played upon purchase, Fortnite, on the other hand, allows everyone to play the game upon download. For this reason, they gained fans and brand loyalty.

Fortnite makes money through in-app purchases and microtransactions. They offer their players e-books, checklist, pdfs, guides, that will help you throughout the game.

Aside from that, there’s FOMO – Fear of missing out. It is a great strategy utilized by Fortnite which may also be helpful for you to gain online visibility. Fortnite sells items on the shop such as dances, skin, and a lot more for a limited time. Because of this, most players make impulsive purchases because they don’t know when it’s going to be sold again.

  1. Inspiration

Inspiration is not imitation nor duplication. In a video game industry dominated by Playstation and Nintendo, Fortnite was able to rise up on their own feet. To be honest, the latter has no huge difference from other video games.

But how they were able to stand out? Well, Fortnite fills in the gaps what the other video games have left out. Don’t reinvent, improve what everyone else has already been established.

  1. Flexible

Flexibility is being able to adapt and change. On its first launch, Fortnite was a beginner in the industry who doesn’t have a strong background. But Fortnite develops over time. This a good lesson for small business owners. Every business started from scratch but it does not mean you should remain stagnant. You should always think of ideas on how you could improve your product or services.

  1. Make use of social media

Fortnite’s developers advertise the platform through Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and a lot more. The thing about advertising is that it convinces you to try the thing being advertised. You can make use of this tactic, too. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. This is the most cost-effective strategy you can recreate on your business.

  1. Engagement

Engagement is useful in attracting more patronizers to your brand. Fortnite made use of them by being generous to their avid fans. Their super fans are the ones who stream online, create youtube content, and promote the brand to others. In their little ways, they attracting more people to try on the brand.

Engagement is also helpful in improving your business. Through interaction, you will be able to know who your audiences are, their wants, their needs, and how they make use of their time. Once you know all of these, you’ll be able to add more services or products suitable for them.


These strategies are simple and easy to replicate. However, following these would not necessarily make you the next Fortnite. Success takes a lot of time, and Fortnite didn’t become stellar overnight. Follow these tactics and you will surely see increased sales, patronizers, and awareness, which makes every hassle worth it.

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