8 Ways to Get Noticed on Instagram

Get Noticed on Instagram

Instagram has quickly risen to its popularity – from being a basic photo-sharing platform to becoming the biggest audience building tool and content marketing. You can get free Instagram followers and because of that, It made brands successful and helped people become social media stars. However, with a lot of people joining the platform every day, how can you make yourself noticed? Read more to know various ways to achieve it.

  1. Post daily but not excessively

Successful brands post consistently so that they will be noticed. However, they know they will annoy their followers with excessive posts daily. Thus, they do it with limitations. You have to post regularly, but only one good photo is enough. Take note that you will not grow your Instagram followers if you do not post a thing in there.

  1. Come up with the most creative hashtag.

When writing captions for your post, you tend to use the most common hashtags. However, this is not the way you would be noticed on your own. Create a hashtag that will tell your story. Be creative, funny, and ironic – but don’t be boring.

  1. Utilize your bio URL

Does your website homepage the only thing linked to your bio? Well, that is one ineffective way to promote yourself on Instagram. Most celebrities change their bio from time to time. They put there the link to their newest content to persuade followers to check on them. You can try this tip as well to drive traffic on your original post or content.

  1. Have control on who tagged you in photos

Of course, you want people to see the most beautiful content about you. This will not happen if you allow them to tag you in photos as much as they want. To prevent this from happening, visit your Instagram setting and choose the option where you can add manually tagged photos. In this way, you are in control of what is visible on your profile.

  1. Have an Instagram style

Develop your Instagram style to stand out. To do this, make sure your feed does not appear messy. Have at least one or two filters on your photos because it is pleasing to look at. Don’t post random edited images, for it will bring a “disorganized” impression to your feed.

  1. Consider organizing Instagram Contest.

This is the most popular way of getting noticed and gaining followers. To host a contest, post a photo and explain the mechanics and the prizes they may get in the caption. For more engagements, make the participants follow some tasks. You can make them like a photo, monitor your account, or require them to mention their friends in the comment. More followed tasks mean more chances of winning.

  1. Schedule your posts

Don’t post when you only feel like it. One effective way to make your followers notice you is to post to the time they are most active on social media. Know when your followers are engaged by checking Instagram Insights.

If you found out your followers are mostly online during the day, post something good vibes to attract positivity. If they are online at night, post good photos before you sleep.

  1. Make use of the Instagram Story feature.

If you feel like posting but realized that such a photo is not appropriate to your feed, you can drop them to your Instagram story. This is one effective way to interact with your followers. Like Snapchat, you can post photos and videos and allow people to comment on them.

It’s random and spontaneous – such an excellent way to promote something or basically to share how your day went.


Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform. It has helped many online businesses successful and makes many people famous. With the right strategies, you would achieve your desire to be noticed – whether it is for self-promotion, marketing, networking, and so on.

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