Tips and Tricks to Better Play AFK Arena

Better Play AFK Arena

These days, more and more mobile games are emerging because of the advancement of technology. A lot of people, or should we say gamers, tend to favor these afk arena codes as they are handy and can be played everywhere.

One of the most played mobile games is AFK Arena. It’s an excellent casual card game that allows players to play a fantastic journey in a fantasy world.

If you’re a new player in this game, here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your wins:

  • Do all Daily & Weekly Quests and all Bounty Quests

Daily and weekly quests offer rewards that can and will be of big help to you and your guild. So, try to do all your daily and weekly quests as much as you can. The same benefits can be reaped through bounty quests.

  • Join A Guild

Do you want to buy gear from the guild store? One of the ways to do that is to join a guild. Here, guild bosses can reward the currency you will need to buy gear.

  • Enhance HeroesGear

Enhancing your hero gear will boost the stats of your team. Make it a point to strengthen it early in the game as it will still be cheap. It is more strategic to choose to enhance your boots first.

  • Collect AFK Rewards As Often As You Can

Know that the maximum accumulation of AFK rewards is 12 hours. This means that after 12 hours, no rewards will be added anymore. Collect these rewards as fast as you can to start another cycle of accumulation right away.

  • Avoid Using Ascended Heroes as Fodder

Use something else as fodder, not the ascended heroes. These ascended heroes are more valuable, which means you should save them.

  • Exit Arcane Labyrinth Before Dying

It can be quite frustrating to die in the Arcane Labyrinth. So, it’s a good thing that you can keep your character from dying by exiting the Arcane Labyrinth before you are killed.

  • Buy Hero Essence Every Day

You will need tons of hero essence to level up a bit later in the game, so buy it as much as you can early on, preferably every day.

  • Retire Common Heroes

Another way to gain hero essence is by retiring common heroes. These heroes are not extremely valuable; therefore, letting go of them for some hero essence is a good trade.

  • Save Your Hourglasses and Fast Rewards For Stages that Are Hard

Maximize your EXP, gold, and essence gain by making sure you use both your fast rewards and hourglasses until you are already stuck. It’s not much, but you can gain more.

  • Buy Gear from The Vendor at Arcane Labyrinth

The vendor at Arcane Labyrinth sells gear at a discounted price. So, make sure to buy from that to save some.

  • Complete Peaks of Time Mini-Adventures

For unique and powerful items that cannot be bought anywhere else, finish each Peaks of Time Mini Adventures.

  • Have A Well-Rounded Team

When you join a team, be sure that you have members from all the three different classes. This will ensure balance in your team, which will help in everybody’s fast progress.


Now, you’re all set. Go back to AFK Arena with your newfound tricks, and enjoy the victory!

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