Interior Design tips for your Recliner


A home is a place where a family goes to at the end of the day, eat a sumptuous meal and relax. It is relaxing to stay inside when the interior is carefully planned and power lift chair perfectly placed around the house. So you have recently bought a recliner, the best comfort seat for you in watching television or just to take a short nap while waiting for your teenage kids to arrive after a group study. But don’t know where to place or how to style your perfectly intact living room with the recliner in it. These simple tips will aid you in this dilemma.

•          Colored or Patterned?

If you are planning to buy or customize your own recliner, consider the color and or the patterns of the recliner’s fabric. The best way to avoid much attention for your recliner is to choose a solid color not the patterned ones. The color can be bright or neutral, something that can complement the overall color of your interior.

If you really love patterns, then you can pick rugs, pillows or other accessories with patterns.

•          Corner or Centre?

Typically, recliners come in huge sizes. Due to its gigantic sizes, they are usually placed at the corner of the room. And it is difficult for interior designers to find the perfect spot for them if the room is already filled with other furniture. Fortunately, you can now find recliners in sleek and modern design that can fit that corner of the room without sacrificing the entire space. It really matters to the size of your recliners and the other furniture that you would consider where to place them.

•          The Lone Recliner

If in case your recliner is floating or there is a big gap between your other furniture, accessorize them with side tables, and lamps. This will make your recliner reconnect to the rest of the room. Big pieces of furniture such as recliners need to be with other furniture or accessories to avoid looking out of place.

•          Push Back or High Leg Recliners

Modern style recliners have the ability to push back or recline your feet. So see to it that you have enough space for this feature. This kind of recliner often comes in varied colors and patterns so pairing this up with a neutral colored sofa will be the best option.

If the budget allows, it is better to have a customized recliner that is according to the comfort and style suited for your space. A very big recliner can affect your room’s traffic flow.

•          Still, confused?

Try meeting a professional interior designer and listen to what he or she is recommending you to do. The designer can help you decide what kind of recliner to buy or to customize based on the space that you have. It is also important to put into consideration the need or the purpose to own a recliner. Your interior designer will be more than willing to help you and your ideas into reality.

Recliners bring comfort and rest for individuals and most or if not some family members would love to have one. It depends on what type of design you want for your home that adding one might sacrifice some design details. You also would consider the purpose of buying a recliner. May these tips of help for you to decide on your recliner.

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