Setting a Phone Business Number on Your Phone

Phone Business Number

Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner, with a dream of having your business expand? Well, it doesn’t come that easy. You have to put some Apifonica messaging service and strategies in place that will create brand awareness, show professionalism, and promote customers to buy from you.

Having a business phone number set up on your phone is one strategy that can help your brand to grow. Setting up a business phone number on your phone happens to be a straightforward process and only takes 30 minutes. However, this is done through a virtual phone system offered by various business phone solutions, for example, the grasshopper. In the virtual phone system, you will be required to use your phone to download an application, which you will be using to send and receive calls through your business number.

1. choose your phone number

In this step, you need your thoughts to decide between choosing a local number or a toll-free one. Toll-free is recommended when it comes to branding because customers can easily remember it. While a local number uses the local area code which many customers may not prefer.

Besides you need to search for the various vanity numbers available in the virtual system since most of the numbers have already been taken.

Once you have decided and found the number, sign up to get an account and follow the onscreen instructions to keep it.

2. you need to create a custom greeting for your new number.

After you have gotten your number and kept it, you need to come up with custom greetings. This is normally the message which customers will hear when they dial your number.

Customize this message to suit your business: In this case, I would advise you to record your mp3 sound file and upload it on the virtual sound system like the grasshopper.

3. Add an extension for your employees

This happens to be a very useful feature, and virtual phone systems like the grasshopper give you many extensions. You can choose to forward a customer’s call to the right person using this extension. This is by telling the customer to press a specific number for each service

4. Change your default voicemail message

Just like changing your main greeting, you may also need to customize the way you greet a customer, and this is possible under every extension.

Just in case you miss a call from the customer, he should hear a customized voicemail requesting him or her to leave a message, or you will get back to him.

5. changing your ‘’On Hold” music

On-Hold Music is the music customers regularly hear when their call is on hold. You can also choose to change this music.

Come up with your on “Hold music”. Note it does not have to be necessarily music. You can choose to inform your customers about the various products you offer. you can use ‘’On hold” music to advertise your brand and products


Now you are already educated on how to have a business phone number in your cell phone through a virtual phone system. However, spend some time determining which kind of a number suits your business. Is it a local number or a vanity toll-free number? Besides you need to customize your account to fit your brand. Just in case you have a question on the virtual phone system, visit your nearby business phone solution center.

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