No More Space! Where Can I Store My Photos?

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You are a photographer you definitely love the photo stick instructions. You run out of memory and don’t have an external drive. Who do you run to? What would you do?

From a wide variety of technology innovations, there are many photo storage options that you can choose from. Typically, there are ways on how to expand your computer’s hard drive. This includes adding a hard drive to your computer or laptop, a solid-state drive (SSD), buying an external drive or using a network-attached storage (NAS) device. However, these seem to put the burden on your pockets as it costs a lot.

Practically speaking, you will be thinking of alternative photo storage options. Here are some of my recommendations that you can find online:

1. FlipHTML5

It is tagged as the World’s Leading HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform. This is an online digital platform that is designed to create interactive publications similar to magazines and catalogs. It has its unique features that every user would love. In addition, you may also personalize your homepage so that people can easily find your creations. You may also share your digital publications on your social media platform like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

2. Imgur

This platform lets you share your images online. One of its features is its Gallery where you can organize and showcase your creations. You can upload images including GIFs that can catch your viewer’s heart.

3.  Flickr

A lot of people use this for years now. It allows you to manage your photos and share them around the world.  Aside from its photo storage capability, it also connects you with your loved ones around the world. So, the next time you have memories to share and a family member missed it, just upload and send it on Flickr.

4. Google Photos

Google Photos gives free and unlimited photo storage for everyone. Photos and videos are automatically organized and you can share it on your social media too. If you’re going to ask how to use this, it’s simple. Just log in using your Gmail account and it automatically prompts you to back up your photos. If you still don’t have your account with them, now is your time to make one!

5. 500px

It’s an online platform for photographers to showcase their works. It creates a connection with their clients as well. By exposing their works to the global world, they can be able to earn money as well.

These are just the top 5 options for photographers. There are still some you might like for your photo storage options which may include the following:


Amazon Prime Photos





Microsoft OneDrive


The next time you run out of storage, you have so many to choose from! This is just to give you some idea, it is still your choice of what to choose. Keep capturing souls, not just smiles!

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